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Word Ladder

Write an important goal at the top of the ladder. Then, at the bottom of the ladder, write an activity you’ve identified as instrumental in reaching your goal on the first rung above step one, and continue writing on each step until you reach the top. Fill in as many or as few steps as you can think of, but be decisive. Here are some examples:

If your goal is to be a marine biologist, you could:

  1. Visit the local aquarium.

  2. Research marine biology online.

  3. Take extra science classes in school or sign up for an after-school program.

  4. Interview a marine biologist and see if you can job shadow.

  5. Apply to colleges that have strong marine biology programs.

If your goal is to design clothes, you could:

  1. Research the background of your favorite fashion designer.

  2. Check whether there is an internship for high school students who want to study fashion.

  3. Collect pictures of fashion that reflect your ideas and taste, then create a portfolio.

  4. Contact a local designer for an interview and possible job shadow.

  5. Apply to colleges that offer a design and fashion study curriculum.

 If your goal is to major in a foreign language, you could:

  1. Take a foreign language class in school.

  2. Start a meet-up group for other speakers.

  3. Research the culture of that country.

  4. Watch foreign films and television shows.

  5. Read a novel in your chosen language.


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