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b. 1986, HK.

photo by Žana Gončiar

photo by Žana Gončiar


Molly Moynahan is an award-winning author, English teacher, and writing coach residing in Chicago. She is a strong advocate for the academic community, whether she is supporting students, teachers, administrators, or parents, in their mutual hope for improving student achievement.

Ms. Moynahan supports parents of children with learning disabilities, anxiety disorders focused on writing, and coaching C-Suite executives. She is also a writing coach and editor for fiction, business books, memoirs, and personal essays. Her first two novels were published in the late nineties with Stone Garden, a New York Times Notable Book published in 2003.

Writers write with power and precision when they identify with their material and use their authentic voices.
— Molly Moynahan

She started her writing career in New York City, moved to London and then Dallas. She received a Master in Fiction Writing from Brooklyn College after completing her Undergraduate degree in English and History at Rutgers University (BA) and Trinity College Dublin. She worked for several years as an editor for Random House and Bantam-Doubleday-Dell in New York City, moving into writing and teaching after receiving her first book deal. She taught writing and creative writing at Rutgers, Brooklyn College, City Lit London, Southern Methodist University, the University of Texas, Columbia College Chicago, DePaul University, and Loyola.

“We start our children on the road to literacy with fairy tales, myths, song and poetry but soon they are bombarded with thesis statements, rubrics and the message that writing is hard and their writing is inadequate. As a writer and a teacher I am able to use writing strategies to enchant, persuade and weave the “living dream” described by John Gardner. I am uniquely qualified to create writing focused professional development in a variety of school settings.” ~MM

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